Who Wants to be an Internet Millionaire?

With so many Old Media jobs going up in smoke, some of my friends have been working on Web site/blog/social networking ideas that they hope will generate enough revenue to support themselves and maybe a few loved ones as well.

I’ll leave it to Silicon Valley investment bankers like Frank Quattrone to decide which ventures deserve funding. But in the meantime, I’ve decided to pull from my files the chart of a real-life Internet millionaire whom I’ll call Barbara. I’ve tweaked a couple of details in her chart to protect her privacy, but the planetary positions and house cusps remain the same.

I’m hoping my readers will help me identify what aspects in her chart allowed her to start her own business and then sell it to an established Internet company for $23 million.

I did Barbara’s chart back in the days when I was still calculating charts by hand so the version that I’m going to link to, courtesy of Astrodienst, has house cusps that vary from the original by minutes. That shouldn’t be a big deal.

Barbara is a dreamy Pisces with a go-getter Sagittarius rising of 12 degrees. Her Sun is conjunct Jupiter in the fourth house, broadly trining the North Node in the eighth house of other people’s money (OPM). The Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces gives some folks the impression that Barbara is lost in a dream or to be less kind, that she is a “space cadet.” Money has always seemed the furthest thing from her mind.

The North Node squares her Libra in the 11th house of friends, and Barbara has a database of contacts to die for. In fact, it was said that her database of 150,000 names was what made her startup so attractive as an acquisition.

Like other Internet millionaires such as Amazon.com Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Bezos (Jan. 12, 1964, Albuquerque, N.M., time unknown), Barbara is a member of the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto in Virgo crowd, born during the 1960s. This generational signature falls in Barbara’s ninth house of media and education and is opposed by her Mercury in Pisces in the third house.

Being born with a Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo made it difficult for Barbara to fit in at traditional companies, where she was considered to be a wingnut by the corporate clones who populated the cubicles around her. It wasn’t until she left the corporate world in late 1993, as the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn was sextiling her Sun/Jupiter in Pisces, that she was able to find herself.

Another difficult placement for corporate success is Barbara’s Saturn in Aquarius, which has a very egalitarian view of the workplace, and sits in the third house of communications. The strict hierarchical nature of corporations was a real turn-off to this gal, who is known for her directness.

Her Saturn is broadly conjunct Venus in Aquarius, which is back in the second house of resources. Venus in Aquarius sextiles the Ascendant. This bestows an electric beauty and charm upon our Internet millionaire that some in the corporate world found a little quirky. Barbara’s a natural blonde, but when Pluto got to her Ascendant, she dyed her hair dark brown and began wearing retro oversized eyeglasses because she wanted people to “take her seriously.”

Barbara’s Venus opposes sexy Mars in Leo, which sits in the eighth house of sex and OPM. Her networking parties, ostensibly designed to further careers and expand Rolodexes, became a mecca for young media types who wanted to hook up — for a night, a week, whatever.

Here’s the link to Barbara’s chart and transits for the day that she sold her company, in July, 2007, as Jupiter was quite close to her Ascendant.

6 comments on “Who Wants to be an Internet Millionaire?

  1. That’s a very interesting case. She was born ‘under a lucky star’:

    1) In her NATAL CHART: She has a very ‘fortunate’ combination: Her Sun and Jupiter were ‘eclipsed’ at birth i.e. her Sun is parallel Jupiter in the declinations and her Sun is conjunct to Jupiter in Pisces, which is extremely lucky (Other millionaires such as singer Robbie Williams or actress Eva Longoria have this aspect in their charts too). Also with the Sun-Jupiter in Pisces at the base of her chart, conjunct to her IC, she was bound to secure herself, end up rich. Sun-Jupiter in Pisces people often have ‘an intuitive flair’ as far as finances (as well as artistic, creative and spiritual) matters are concerned, so she knew when was ‘the right time’ to sell her business. A Part of Fortune and the Nodes in the financial axes (2nd and 8th) are always very helpful, especially with Venus (money) in Aquarius (internet, new technologies) in the 2nd house, indicating ‘how’, ‘the way’ she was going to earn money through her own efforts (so to speak). She was very tuned with new technologies as she has Mercury (her intellect) opposite Uranus (the planet ruling internet and computers) and these two planets are also contra-parallel at birth.

    Her SECONDARY PROGRESSIONS on July 17th 2007 shows that her Progressed Sun in Taurus was conjunct to her IC suggesting she was looking to secure herself (Taurus = financial stability). Her Prog Sun is also semi-sextile to her Prog Venus-Jupiter in Aries, a very lucky combination (Venus-Jupiter/Sun = The Great Beneficial Planets, favouring ‘pure luck’. Her Progressed Venus conjunct Progressed Jupiter in the very first decan of Aries, so she was bound to be moving ahead with a new project, a new idea (in her 3rd house of communication). Her Progressed Sun in Taurus (in the 4th house of life foundation) made a trine to her Progressed Uranus in the 8th house of inheritance. Note also her Progressed Saturn – Progressed Part of Fortune conjunction which were both in her 2nd house of money, perhaps bringing ‘stability’ to her finances.

    On July 17th 2007, the Transit of the Sun in Cancer was located in her 8th house (inheritance, other people’s money, taxes) and making a good aspect (a Trine) to her natal Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th (her base, roots, end of life). Sun/Jupiter combination = more luck! Note that the transiting Sun was conjunct to her natal North Node in Cancer in the 8th and also to her Part of Fortune ! Cancer is also a sign which is very good with finances (like Scorpio) and she has Cancer in her 8th house, so she knew instinctively when it was ‘the right time’ to sell her business, and that ‘intuition’ made her fortune.

    Voila! I must be mad (it’s 3 o’clock in the morning here in the UK… mad about astrology to be up so late! (Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius on my Aquarius ascendant!).

    Best wishes,


  2. I’ve been reading alot lately about what has happened in the US in the past 30 years. I don’t know if can just apply a cycle to a group of years, but this seems like a Saturn cycle. In 1978 we had unemployment, energy and economic issues.

    Now productivicy has increased 76% but wages have only increased 2%. So the difference between wealth and wages now mirrors the 20’s in this country. (another gilded age?) 30% of high school students will not graduate. The largest prision population in the industrialized world, with male africian american’s being incarcerated at three times more then male white’s. Infant mortaility the second lowest in the world. Life expectancy 31st in the world. A tech boom and bust, a real estate boom and bust and now 10’s of millions of dollars rushing into the futures maket, upending engery and food supplies, and more and more people facing starvation. Two wars (or should we break out afganastan and call it three?) and a continued occupation.

    All of these proplems come mostly from political decisions. If we can look at the past 30’s as a Saturn cycle, what should we be learning from Staurns’s lession?

  3. Oh and i left out an iPresidential mpeachment triall, and a new push for a second round of impeachment trials.

  4. Folks — Re: Claire’s interpretation of the Internet millionaire’s chart, you can see she knows what she’s talking about and isn’t afraid to work hard on the fine points. That’s a lot of analysis there, Claire. I’ve added Claire’s Web site, Astro Revolution, to my blogroll. She’s a Frenchwoman living in the U.K., a mum, and a first-rate astrologer.
    Without sounding like a condescending Anglo-Saxon and an American to boot, the French have done so much to further the field of astrology and I sometimes don’t think they get proper credit for their contributions. Anyone interested in astrology should definitely have the works of Frenchman Michel Guaquelin on his bookshelf. Claire, you are definitely mad, but so are the rest of us astrological bloggers! Merci!– Monica

  5. Thank you Monica for the compliment!

    You are so kind! I am adding you to my blogroll too under a Thumbnail format (By the way, I really like your site and read it everyday!).

    Give me a day or two to do so. Many thanks!

    Best wishes,


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