(The Lack of) Money Changes Everything

In my working-class hamlet of Beacon, N.Y., the houses sit cheek to jowl. The yards are only about one-third of an acre each in this part of town. My husband and I bought our house after living in an apartment, so the coziiness normally doesn’t bother us. Having said that, I was awakened from an afternoon nap by the sounds of screaming from a nearby home.

This marital spat wasn’t about another woman, the husband not picking up his dirty socks (something Barack Obama is apparently guilty of), or the wife going on a secret shopping spree. “If you ever bring my car back on empty after borrowing it, don’t bother to come home,” she yelled. “I don’t have enough money to fill it up and I’ve got to go to work.”

Has it come to this?

Groffoto has another take on this subject. Here’s the link: http://groffoto.wordpress.com/2008/06/12/rv-for-free/

Don’t let my husband see that photo. We’ll be living in that RV before you know it!

One comment on “(The Lack of) Money Changes Everything

  1. Monica,

    Oh yes it has. My husband keeps wanting my car keys so he can galavant around because I have a car, he has the gas guzzling truck. The gas though is for work, since i have a fifty mile commute each day.

    This week I am taking a few days off from work. This is the conversation I had with my boss:

    He: Where are you going on your vacation?

    I: (I’ve been unsuccessfully wrangling for a raise). Nowhere. I can’t afford to go anywhere. I’m taking the days off because I can’t afford the gas to come to work.

    He: (raising an eyebrow) If that’s true . . .(voice trails off)

    Next I’ll hit him up to telecommute one day a week. Maybe he’ll get the message.

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