Richard Nolle’s Treasure Trove of Charts

I’ve never met Tempe (Ariz.)-based astrologer Richard Nolle, but based on what he writes in his monthly columns at AstroPro, I assume he has his own generator and enough supplies to get through any disaster, natural or manmade.

I was kicking around his site the other day (you’ll find him on my blogroll) and I was surprised to find a monthly listing of celebrity birthdays and charts. Maybe it’s been there all along, but I never noticed it until now. That’s Mercury retrograde for you.

Here’s the link to June birthdays and charts, which expire July 1:

For some reason, you’ll only get one URL for his site, no matter what page you’re on. So when you get to AstroPro, click on “futures.” Then click on June 2008 and hit “go.” You’ll find the celebrity birthdays at the bottom highlighted under “Special Features.”

Nolle starts off the month with Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz, on June 1, and ends with Lena Horne on June 30. Today’s birthday: the artist once again known as Prince, who was born June 7, 1958, at 6:17 p.m.

Happy birthday, Prince! Let’s party like it’s 1999. I was going to link to a video of 1999 via YouTube or another site, but I can’t find one. Here’s audio only, which as Prince fans know, is really missing out on the performance:

Prince is one smart fellow when it comes to protecting his intellectual property and I salute him for that.


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