The U.S. Presidential Race: It’s Neptune vs. Neptune

This is going to be one of those quickie posts. I was just reading Pamela Cucinell’s post on “Obama and the Elusive Father” over at Astro Chatter ( I had read it before, but I was looking for new insight, given that Illinois Senator Barack Obama June 2 hit the number of delegates that he needs to win the Democratic nomination. (Astro Chatter is on my blogroll to the right.)

Pamela talks about how Obama’s Sun in Leo square Neptune in Scorpio has manifested in an absent father and what the implications are. Daddy gone MIA: That’s the news from the Democrats.

O.K. Over to the Republican candidate, John McCain. He’s got a Sun/Neptune conjunction in Virgo, though the conjunction is broad. So for the Republicans: Daddy is embroiled in a financial scandal (I know that was back in the 1980s, but it happened once so it can happen again) or Daddy is on the payroll of the health insurance companies.

It reminds me of the cynics who say the only real choice Americans have is whether to buy Colgate or Crest toothpaste.

So this November, our choice will be: Neptune or Neptune. For the non-astro readers out there, Neptune results in illusion, confusion, and deception. It rules storms, shipping, alcohol, drugs, disease, music, film, and altered states of consciousness.

Translation: The contest is between Smirnoff vs. Johnnie Walker Red. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got Mars square Neptune in your natal chart, like the U.S. does, and transiting Neptune in Aquarius heading toward your natal Moon.

Can we get this ship of state back on the right course?


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