Getting to Know Sedna

Remember how back in fifth grade you had a new best friend practically every week? This may be more of a girl than a guy thing, but my brothers also had lots of best buddies.

Well, I’m almost feel like I’m back in grade school with all the friends I’ve been meeting through Astrology Mundo. It seems that every week or so, I’ve got a new astropal.  Of course, with my Saturn/Mercury in Capricorn, I hope some of these ties will be lasting.

Maybe a better comparison would be to my first day at Syracuse University, where I went directly to the offices of the independent student-run newspaper, The Daily Orange. There I met friends that I’m still hanging out with (not everyday, of course) nearly 30 years later. I also met my friend Paula outside a professor’s office that day, and we’re still great pals!

My new best astro friend this week is Beth Turnage over at Astrology Explored. Christine, Julie, Elsa, Jude, Nancy, and Pamela, I still love you! I haven’t taken you off my blogroll and I go to your sites everyday!

Beth came into the orbit of Astrology Mundo with a comment over Memorial Day weekend. When I asked the blogosphere whether there is an asteroid named Indiana and she responded, “Yes, indeed!”

Now, Beth has taught me about the slow-moving planetoid Sedna, which wasn’t on my radar at all. According to her blog, it was discovered in 2003. She’s even doing a longitudinal study on how Sedna affects peoples’ lives. You can read more about it here:


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