What Would Sharon Stone Say About Iceland?

Pisces Sharon Stone wasn’t thinking too clearly when she publicly remarked that the recent earthquake in China might be the result of “bad karma” because of China’s brutal treatment of Tibet. I wonder what she would say about Iceland, which was shaken on May 29 by a 6.1 earthquake.

I’m no fan of China’s violent suppression of Tibet’s sovereignty, but it’s always dangerous when Hollywood stars start making pronouncements about religion and science. It’s also hazardous to their bank accounts, at least in the short term. Christian Dior has pulled an advertising campaign in China featuring Stone.

Like Rachael Ray (see “Saturn Teaches Rachael Ray a Lesson”), Stone is getting a visit from Saturn. Unlike Ray, who is having Saturn on her Virgo Sun, Stone has Saturn the taskmaster sitting on her Virgo Ascendant. She’s also got transiting Uranus in Pisces lighting up her natal square between Mercury at 26 Pisces and Saturn at 25 Sagittarius.

Here’s Stone’s chart, courtesy of Astrotheme.

With Mercury in the sky now moving retrograde, Stone has backtracked and apologized, according to Reuters.

As an astrologer, I think weather has more to do with planetary transits than it does with karma. And as Ray Merriman points out in his commentary this week, it’s earthquake season here on planet Earth. With Saturn in the earth sign of Virgo heading toward a series of oppositions with volatile Uranus in Pisces, the time of temblors is just getting started.

Here’s a nifty post about California’s birth chart and why the Golden State is so prone to earthquakes, floods, and mud slides.

I can just imagine what pious Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Christians around the world are going to say when the Big One hits LA: God is punishing Hollywood for all those violent, sex-filled movies. You know, the ones like Basic Instinct, starring…Sharon Stone.


3 comments on “What Would Sharon Stone Say About Iceland?

  1. The damage in Iceland was not much.

    Actually I think she is quite correct, the earthquake was the result of bad Chinese karma.

    Of course, the rest of us still need to help the victims whether the suffering was because of bad karma or not.

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