Saturn Teaches Rachael Ray a Lesson

I’m homeward bound, back to Beacon, N.Y., so I can’t give this post the TLC I’d like. But after the brouhaha about Dunkin’ Donuts pulling TV food personality Rachael Ray’s commercial because of protests about her scarf, I had to take a quick peek at her chart between packing my suitcases.

Here it is, courtesy of Astrotheme.

Ray is part of the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto generation of the late 1960s. She is a Virgo born Aug. 25, 1968, in Glens Falls, N.Y. The time of birth is unknown.

Now, Ray may not think of herself as a revolutionary, but she started a firestorm by wearing the kaffiyeh, the traditional scarf of the Palestinians, in her Dunkin’ Donuts ad. There’s a great fashion commentary on this over at the Los Angeles Times.

When I lived in London in 1981, every college student wore the kaffiyeh, along with colorful striped pullovers that were hand knit by Indians in Peru. (No doubt these were being marketed by the Maoist revolutionary group, the Shining Path!)

Most of us hadn’t donned the scarf out of solidarity with Yasir Arafat, we were wearing it because we thought it looked cool. But come to think of it, London is where I learned a lot about the injustices of the Palestinian camps, a topic that I had previously never heard anything about during my American youth.

Bottom line for Rachael: With transiting Saturn in Virgo on her Sun right now, she’s going to be criticized (Saturn) for every little thing (Virgo rules details) she does. She can’t afford to delegate wardrobe choices to a stylist or a consultant. She has to own all her decisions. Saturn the taskmaster is forcing her to take responsibility.

With all her Virgo energy (depending on what time she was born, the Moon is also in Virgo, as are Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) Ray has become heroine of the American working class (Virgo rules workers, civil servants, the military). That let’s-break-the-rules Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo has helped Ray popularize shortcuts that help the masses make meals in a flash.

But whether she’s conscious of it, Ray’s generational signature of Uranus/Pluto in Virgo is quite incendiary. If you can’t stand the heat, Rachael, stay out of the kitchen.

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