The Mighty Euro

New York astrologer Shelley Ackerman noted at the United Astrology Conference in Denver that shops in Gotham are posting signs that say “We take euros” because there are so many European tourists in town and the euro is a stronger currency than the beaten-down dollar. Yesterday, I heard a similar story on the phone. Why is everybody suddenly talking about the euro?

Let’s look at the chart. After pondering the Wiki entry on the introduction of the euro, which traces the currency’s origins from the 1992 Maastricht Treaty on European Union to the phasing out of national currencies over the following decade, I decided to go with the time of the “birthday party” that the European Central Bank in Frankfurt held for the euro at midnight on Jan. 1, 2002.

I’ve been reading quite a bit of Jude’s Threshold (see my blogroll) and I’m sure she would note that 1992 was around the time of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, which she associates with the “New World Order.” For my part, I’m not a big believer in conspiracy theories because I don’t think anything ever goes according to plan. But that’s another post; we’re talking euro here.

To quote the Wiki: “As midnight struck to usher in 2002, a celebration took place outside European Central Bank offices in Frankfurt. A huge illuminated mock-up of a euro coin was displayed in front of the building. The new era had begun.” Sounds like a good time to cast the chart.

Being a Capricorn with Saturn at 10 degrees of Cap, I naturally gravitate toward charts set for 12:00 a.m. on Jan. 1. The incorporation chart for the five boroughs of New York, set for midnight on Jan. 1, 1898, is a favorite of mine.

Here’s the birth of the euro chart, courtesy of Astrodienst.

We’re going to keep this analysis simple. The chart has Sun in Capricorn at 10 degrees, exactly opposed by expansive Jupiter at 10 degrees of Cancer in the 10th house. Beneficial Venus is part of the picture as well. It’s at 7 degrees of Capricorn. The euro was destined to expand.

Jupiter is currently transiting Capricorn so it makes sense that we’re hearing more about the euro and that its value has been increasing this year. Yes, it’s true that the euro is down from its all-time high of slightly above $1.59, which it reached in April, as you can see from this Yahoo! Finance chart.

I’m not a day trader, but it appears that high was made on transiting Venus in Aries squaring the Sun/Jupiter opposition of the natal chart. One might speculate that the Sept. 7, 2008 station of Jupiter at 12 degrees of Capricorn might test that high.

Pluto’s slow transit through Capricorn, which began on Jan. 26, is bound to bring about a transformation in the status of the euro. However, among astrologers, “transformation” is often a euphemism for death and rebirth.

Another turning point for the euro undoubtedly will be in mid-August 2013, when the currency has its Jupiter return. That period will also coincide with Pluto reaching the midpoint of the Sun/Venus conjunction in Capricorn and nearly opposing the Jupiter. Can you say “world currency,” boys and girls?

8 comments on “The Mighty Euro

  1. Charles — Thanks for writing. I’m a big fan of Marjorie’s. I’ve got miles to travel before my astrology skills are anywhere near hers. You can see that I’ve got her listed in my blogroll.
    I just read her post on the euro, which you were kind enough to provide the URL for. At least Marjorie and I agree on the same chart! The euro chart still faces transiting Saturn in Virgo opposing its natal Mars, but transiting Uranus has passed the degree of natal Mars, so that crisis has been averted.
    One negative that neither Marjorie nor I mentioned is the grand cardinal cross of 2010, which will be quite angular on this chart.
    She seems to be reading the euro chart as a surrogate for the European Union, which is always going to be fractious at best.
    I’d also point out that as skilled an astrologer as Marjorie is, her view of the euro may be colored by her being a subject of Great Britain (assuming THAT union holds together), where astrologers look at charts that go back to 1066 and William the Conqueror. In other words, the English and the Scots (it’s my understanding that Marjorie is from Glasgow) take the long view. We all know how most of them feel about the euro.
    The New World Order folks think we’re going to have a single currency one day so maybe the euro won’t last. But there’s no denying it’s looking a lot more robust than the U.S. dollar these days. For now, I’d rather have euros under the mattress than dollars, that’s for sure. — Monica

  2. Moncia, I completely concur with you on the demise of the dollar. With the Euro I am not quite sure how and at what value we will end. In Euro country there is the so called Latino block and the Teutonic block. One fraction wants a weak Euro the other a strong Euro. This is also what we see in the astrological chart of Europe in that sense I agree with Majorie. GB will definitely go down with the pound as the US with the dollar. For me the future possible parallel developments of GB and the US are fascinating. Both countries with a possible division into several independent entities,civil unrest and major natural catastrophes. My feeling is that we will have a new reference currency that will include the Swiss Franc combined with the Euro. But not all current European members might join this new currency. But I think we might have to wait till 2016.

  3. Charles — The grand cardinal cross is going to be hard on a lot of so-called world powers, I heard from astrologers at UAC in Denver. Thanks for writing back. I learned a lot from your post. It’s always great when your readers know more than you do because you can learn from them! I had no idea about the Latin and Teutonic blocks within the Euro Zone. Best, Monica

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  5. Euro vs. USDollar? Top Chinese financial officials are asking loud and clear (rightly so) why the US is not issuing US government debt in Yuan. That’s where the “wind now comes blowing from”.

    The US never “bowed” to the Japanese in issuing Yen denominated state debt. Now let’s see if the Obama’s administration will bow to the Chinese. One then would have confirmed a trend, so to say “with the aim to gain even more foreign friends…”.

    At this stage there is not much juice left in neither the US dollar nor the Euro. Both watching each other jealously in terms of “competitive devaluations”. Its practically a stalemate (+/- 5%), the Euro birth-chart indicating more of what we now saw in the last year or so. The most explosive transit (Uranus square natal Pluto) has now gone. However as Neptune/Jupiter conj.natal Uranus (in the heavens) soon re- enters in retrograde contact with Euro’s natal Uranus, one must assume that overall the equilibrium stage is between 1.30 – 1.40 USD/Euro.This only serves short term traders, or as they depreciatevely are called “scalpers” ( the John Waine style, always holding a loaded gun in the right hand, just in case.

  6. I need to revise my “prediction about the Euro”. It’s becoming evident that the US Dollar is being eroded by:

    1) Benign neglect by the US authorities (competitive devaluation thinking)

    2) China’s increasing pushiness to replace the Dollar as world currency by some other mechanism.

    3) Signs of “softening” of the US image in the world. It’s not so much the downfall of symbols like GM, trivial sensationalism ruling US public life (too much Hollywood, Madoff and various sex scandals) but e.g.the Pentagon loosing “virility”.

    Must explain and immediately say that I have no problems with gay people but also no particular preferences. Today’s news that the Pentagon may soften or even abolish the “don’t ask, don’t tell ” law, could have serious consequences in terms of the image projected by the US military in those countries where they are actively engaged. Mostly macho dominated (South East Asia, Iraq).

    To my understanding, homosexuality has astrologically speaking a link with Mercury. I have been able to verify that , but as of now could not find a confirmation of some type of general rule. Anyway, what stroke me, is that the news out of the Pentagon coincide with a powerful trine of Mercury (in its sign, Gemini) to Jupiter/Neptune in Aquarius. A configuration which, according to my observations, could easily be encountered in a gay person’s natal map. It’s my personal conjecture, if anyone knows more, please come forward (or “out of the closet”…)

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