The Penmanship of the U.S. Presidential Candidates

This post is a little “off message,” to use the jargon of the political pundits, because it’s not about astrology, the raison d’étre for this blog. Still, I can’t resist.

Even though graphology is considered a pseudo-science in the U.S., it’s taken quite seriously in France, where corporations analyze handwriting to determine whether you’re going to be a team player or a thief.

Obviously, it doesn’t always work. Just look at the case of alleged “rogue trader” Jérôme Kerviel, who was accused in January, 2008, of making unauthorized trades that lost billions for French bank Société Générale.

Anyway, leave it to the French wire service Agence France-Presse to come up with a mini personality reading of the U.S. Presidential candidates based on their penmanship. Click here to see the signatures and the analysis:;_ylt=Ah5HNDTQNSWXZx69Gr8vGFoDW7oF 

I consider myself to be somewhat of a wordsmith, but I had to look up the definition of choleric, which is part of the description of McCain’s personality. To save you the time, here it is, from the Wiki:

“A person who is choleric is a doer and a leader. They have a lot of ambition, energy, and passion, and try to instill it in others. They can dominate people of other temperaments, especially phlegmatic types. Many great charismatic military and political figures were cholerics. On the negative side, they are easily angered or bad-tempered.”

Sounds right.


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