Merc Retrograde: Back to the Future

Mercury doesn’t actually go retrograde until Monday, May 26, but I’m already noticing wire stories on Yahoo! about revivals and re-issues. This should be particularly noticeable over the weekend as Mercury makes a station in preparation for its backward journey.

Mercury retrograde favors everything that has the prefix “re,” so it’s interesting that’s it’s happening on Memorial Day when we REmember the dead. Don’t be surprised if you REcall something you promised to do but didn’t or REdiscover some lost objects.

Here are a couple of revival stories that I’ve seen so far in the past two days: Farberge will make its first jewel-encrusted egg since 1917. Here’s the link to that story:

Yesterday, there were stories moving about General Motors’ retro version of the Camaro, which will be part of its 2010 lineup. This piece of news was near and dear to my heart because I once owned a 1977 Camaro. It was the first new car that I ever bought. Prior to that, I owned a 1966 Mustang, which I purchased used.

Here’s a story on the success of retro cars, including Ford’s Mustang, which was revived for the 2005 model year and has been selling well ever since:

The rule of thumb in journalism is that you need three things to make a trend. The third revival item I’ve seen is not a product; it’s a decline in driving. The government reports that highway miles driven by Americans fell for the first time in March since 1979. Here’s the story:;_ylt=Alg_.IdY9KtXDZL4Vt_oSUEDW7oF

The last trend has more to do with Saturn in Virgo than with Merc retro, but it’s interesting that we’re hearing about it on the Merc station.  As most readers know, Saturn, the planet of restriction, entered thrifty Virgo last Labor Day. The last time it was there was from 1978-81.

With Mercury retro in Gemini until June 19, it’s a good time to sort through your paperwork and mail things that you’ve been promising to send people. Neptune is also going retrograde this weekend in Aquarius. Once I get back home to Beacon, N.Y., I have to send out a bunch of photos (Neptune rules photography) to a friend’s sister, who is assembling a collage for a 50th birthday party.

I’m also going to my husband’s chiropractor right now to pick up paperwork that must be faxed to the insurance company so we can get reimbursed for out-of-pocket payments that we’ve made. (Neptune also rules medicine.)

Speaking for myself,  this particular retrograde is about mailing and faxing paper, not transmitting information electronically. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your computerized files in order.

In the words of tech investment banker Frank Quattrone: “Clean up your e-mail!” The feds tried to nail him on obstruction-of-justice charges for that directive, but after an extended legal battle that included a hung jury, he reached a deal that allowed him to remain in the industry and stay out of jail. Quattrone’s a hero of mine because he kept on fighting until he won. Normally, I’m not a champion of alleged white-collar criminals but I was won over by Quattrone’s moxie and persistence.


2 comments on “Merc Retrograde: Back to the Future

  1. “I have to send out a bunch of photos (Neptune rules photography) to a friend’s sister, who is assembling a collage for a 50th birthday party.”

    This is amazing: it’s the same as I. I didn’t pay attention but we are about 30 people who must be assembling pics for a wedding this week-end. Thanks for the info.


  2. What’s really strange is that you list your e-mail as monicaalbuquerque. We’re both named Monica and I grew up in Albuquerque, N.M. You appear to be in France, right? The Internet is a fascinating place. Perhaps you are my French “sister.”

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