It’s Almost 7 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Name Asteroid Is?

As readers of this blog know, I was quite excited when Beth at confirmed my speculation that there was an asteroid named Indiana and that it was traveling with the North Node and Neptune in Aquarius this weekend, coinciding with the opening of new Indiana Jones film and the Indy 500.

Now, I’ve just discovered that Astrodienst recently added a list of 13,889 name asteroids to their free chart selection area. In the early Nineties, I took a class with Nona Press, an astrologer who is an expert in the name asteroids.

I even sent away and paid real money for an ephemeris of the asteroid Monica. This was back in the Dark Ages, before you could get information for free on the Web. (We’ll see how much longer that lasts. They’re talking about putting a tax on Internet searches!)

Given the battle between the two Davids on American Idol, I thought it would be fun to look up where the asteroid David was when Idol winner David Cook was born and where it was the night he won.

Here’s Cook’s chart, with transits of May 21, including the asteroid Davida (the one closest to his name).

We don’t have a time of birth for Cook, so I’ve set the chart for noon. You can see that Davida was conjunct his natal Neptune in Sagittarius when he was born, and that transiting Davida, at 11 Gemini, was broadly opposing his Mars the day of the Idol broadcast.

Nothing earth-shaking to be sure, but fun stuff!

Astrodienst offers you 100 free charts that you can store if you register with them. Where is your name asteroid right now?


4 comments on “It’s Almost 7 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Name Asteroid Is?

  1. Asteroid Monica was conjunct my Ascendant, North Node and Saturn when I was born. The Sept. 11 eclipse at 18 Virgo had it right on my Midheaven.

  2. Hi, Moni — Asteroid Monica was at 14 Leo when I was born, fairly close to my Uranus, and now I’m doing an astrology blog, a fairly Uranian endeavor, if you ask me.
    I’ve always been pretty outrageous for a staid Capricorn. I share a birthday (not the same year) with Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, two other Goats who like to make provocative statements.
    I would think that with your name asteroid placement that you’re somehow in sync with public tastes because of the connection to the North Node. With Saturn there, I think you could be a “tastemaker” yourself. Thanks for stopping by! — Monica

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