With a Little Help From My Friends

Until I arrived at the United Astrology Conference in Denver last week, the most traffic I’d gotten on my blog in one day was 200 hits. Today, I received 525 visits. And it’s all because of you! Thanks for reading, commenting, and giving me scoops. Gastriques deserves a special shout out for alerting me to a possible new birth time for John McCain.

I feel fortunate that many of my commenters know more about astrology than I do. My friend Chris, a multitalented Pisces who is a whiz at midpoints, correctly predicted that David Cook would win this year’s edition of American Idol. He noted that Cook is having a Jupiter/Juno conjunction.  

Thanks especially to those folks who responded to my e-mail appeal to help me reach 500 hits in one day.  To big-time bloggers, that number might not seem like a lot, but after two months in the blogosphere, it’s a significant milestone to me. As I mentioned in my May 7 post, “The Coming U.S. Depression,” it’s human nature to keep score.

I don’t know where this blog will take me, but it’s been gratifying to connect with smart people who are concerned about the direction of the world. It gives me great hope that we can come up with creative solutions to the challenges that we’ll be collectively facing over the next few years as the planets march toward the “Cardinal Climax,” a configuration last seen early in the Great Depression.

We may not be family, but we are community!


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