Overheard at the United Astrology Conference

I’ve long been an avid eavesdropper, and the wireless revolution has created more opportunities for me to engage in this fascinating pastime as people have personal conversations in public places on their cell phones. Early this morning, I was sitting in the lobby of the Denver Sheraton, where 1,500 astrologers from 48 countries have gathered for the United Astrology Conference.

The subject of my interest was a meeting between an astrological software developer and a venture capitalist for an astro matchmaking service that comes with social networking features. I did a quick Google search and it does appear that some dating sites have tried to incorporate astrology, but nothing big-time jumped out at me.

Of course, in India, where no one marries without consulting an astrologer, I’m sure something like this already exists. But what these guys were talking about was e-Harmony meets MySpace and AstrologyZone. The only problem I anticipate with something like this is the tendency of people, particularly those past the age of 30, to lie about their age.

Case in point: One of my former sweethearts gave me a birthdate of July 30, 1931. Based on this information, I calculated a composite that I thought was a beautiful thing. I even threw a birthday party for him for a special year. Fast-forward through four years of entanglement in a complicated triangle and his license falls out of his wallet one day.

As I picked it up and say, “What a nice photo this is for a license,” his face turned white. I didn’t look at the birthdate because I had no reason to believe he was lying. As I handed the license back to him, he confessed that he had shaved two years off of his life and that his real birthday was July 30, 1929. You gotta love those vain Leos!

If memory serves me correctly, the new composite had Sun square Neptune, the planet of disillusionment and deceit in it.

So good luck to any astrological dating service that accepts a date of birth without supporting documentation!


5 comments on “Overheard at the United Astrology Conference

  1. Elsa — I think I remember reading something about having the wrong birthday for a loved one on your blog. I think these kinds of mistakes and deceptions are reminders that we can’t get so wrapped up in our charts that we overlook what’s staring us in the face. Thanks for reading and for posting my stuff to your Web site. You’re fantastic! — Monica

  2. On dating and astrology:

    Many years ago, before my husband came into my life, I was checking on “interested parties” through their charts. One guy, a psychologist seemed very interesting, until I read his chart. There was a lot of power and control stuff going on between his chart and mine, which is not my cup of tea. When I tried to explain politely that “the energies weren’t compatible” he blew up over the phone, berating astrology and my reliance on it, pretty much beating me up psychologically, thereby proving my point in the first place. The irony!

    On dating sites based on astrology, I’d be wary if there weren’t professional astrologers available to give advice. As we all know, its not a parlor game.

  3. Hi Monica,

    We’ve been working on just such a site: Starlinked (http://starlinked.com ). It’s an online astrology-based matchmaking service. We’re proud to say it goes leaps and bounds beyond the typical Sun sign matching you find online. Our compatibility engine incorporates a number of traditional astrological techniques into our compatibility scores including synastry and composites.

    In order to maintain a quality user experience we take the issues raised above seriously and would welcome additional feedback. I think Starlinked also offers a lot of great opportunities for the astrologer community at large: affiliate/referral programs, authorship opportunities, possibly even helping to shape our compatibility engine. It’s all in the works and we would love to hear from you.

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