Breaking News: New 11 a.m. Birth Time for John McCain

UPDATE: This May 11, 2008 post is getting a lot of Web traffic, but this isn’t the most up-to-date birth time for John McCain, nor is it my most recent post on the subject. Please see “John McCain Born at 6:25 p.m.: It’s Official,” for the latest news.

Happy Mother’s Day. I’m in New Mexico visiting my Mom. A friend just sent me a link to a John McCain TV commercial featuring the GOP candidate and his Mom that is pegged to Mother’s Day. In the commercial, McCain jokes that he was born during “happy hour.” This is pretty funny when you consider his wife Cindy inherited a Budweiser wholesaler and distributor. His Mom corrects him and says that he was actually born around 11 a.m.

Here’s the link to the commercial.

This is breaking news, because AstroDataBank and other reputable data sources have McCain’s birth time as 9 a.m. on Aug. 29, 1936 in Cocosolo, Panama. AstroDataBank says that time came from McCain’s Mom after she was telephoned by his staffers. Since McCain’s father was in the Navy (he was an Admiral, as was McCain’s grandfather) and he was born overseas, there is an official record with a time of birth somewhere. 

Here’s the AstroDataBank chart, and here’s the chart with the 11 a.m. time, courtesy of Astrodienst.

At first glance, I like the 11 a.m. time because it produces a Scorpio rising that is almost exactly sextile McCain’s Neptune in Virgo.

If you click on the campaign commercial, you’ll hear McCain’s Mom reminiscing about the 27 gift bottles of Scotch (Neptune) that were lined up on a table at “the [Officers’] Club” to greet the arrival of John McCain. Also, McCain followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and became a Navy officer, which fits in with a Neptune aspect to the Ascendant. Of course,  this is also represented by the broad Neptune/Sun conjunction in the natal chart.

Neptune is also square Jupiter in Sagittarius, which could represent financial fiascoes, and McCain’s involvement with the savings and loan meltdown in the 1980s. The Arizona senator was one of the “Keating Five,” a group of legislators accused of improperly aiding Charles Keating, chairman of the failed Lincoln Savings and Loan Assn.

The new chart puts fiery, fun-loving Mars in Leo at the Midheaven. This Mars is square Uranus in Taurus, which is why McCain is known for his angry outbursts, including allegedly calling wife Cindy the “c” word in public.

Why is he getting a free ride from the media? Progressed Jupiter in Sag is moving in tandem with progressed North Node, and progressed Venus is not far behind. Basically, the guy can do no wrong right now.

The new data also puts McCain’s progressed Sun very close to the Ascendant. I’m not making any predictions here but the new chart indicates that in about six months, McCain will be more visible to the public. Here’s McCain’s new chart, with transits on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2009, from Astrodienst.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn (power, the Establishment) is on his North Node (the public) in the second house of resources that day. It looks to me as if McCain is connecting with a major source of wealth. He could be named CEO of a major entity around that time. We’ll see if it’s USA Corp.

There are some not so favorable transits happening to McCain on Inauguration Day so I’m not ready to call this a done deal by any means. The Saturn/Uranus opposition in Pisces/Virgo is sitting right on top of McCain’s natal Venus/Saturn opposition in the fifth and 10th houses.  If it’s not heart trouble, it’s girl trouble. Maybe both. Still, if McCain fails to win the presidency, he’ll be able to console himself with the wealth and power coming his way.

In the meantime, we all owe Regina at Gastriques a big thank you for ferreting out McCain’s new birth time!


34 comments on “Breaking News: New 11 a.m. Birth Time for John McCain

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  2. Jude — Thanks for the publicity on your blog. I really liked your Inauguration Day 2009 analysis. I’m still wondering about the presence of the asteroid Bill with Jupiter in that chart. Maybe it’s the dark colors in the design, but there’s a Pluto/Scorpio feel to your blog. I always come away with a new nugget of wisdom. Keep up the good work! — Monica

  3. Jude — Thanks for the publicity on your blog. I really liked your Inauguration Day 2009 analysis. I’m still wondering about the presence of the asteroid Bill with Jupiter in that chart. Maybe it’s the dark colors in the design, but there’s a Pluto/Scorpio feel to your blog. I always come away with a new nugget of wisdom. Keep up the good work! — Monica

  4. When McCain loses the election and goes back to the Senate he will have gathered up more power within the GOP, which is dissolving like a cube of sugar in water. T/P cnj N/N.Node

  5. Since I first wrote this post, the 11 a.m. chart hasn’t gotten a lot of traction. People dismiss the memory of a 96-year-old woman as unreliable. However, my experience with the elderly is that their memories of the long-ago past are much more accurate than those of today or yesterday. Until I see an official birth certificate on McCain, I’m going to take his mother’s word for it, not that of a campaign staffer who spoke to AstroDataBank. I know, I’m on the wrong side of history, but what else is new?

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  11. Enjoyed discovering your blog today. I am a longtime practitioner (learned it calculating by hand as you). Moved from Switzerland to Brazil in ’93 (Neptune conj Uranus opposite my Jupiter).

    Good work you are doing on your election candidates. Looking at the true horoscope of the U.S. it appears obvious (without even needing exact birth hours), that McCain/Palin will occupy the White House next year and much of the world’s attention. Don’t understand why you look at Inauguration Day. Why not Nov 4? That’s when it’s all decided by you folks, and not by whom gets invited to the celebration.

    Other hint: Look at Medvedev’s and Putin’s respective charts. You will soon see for yourself that it’s the pair I am predicting will win your election whom the Russians will have to deal with.

    About the “true horoscope of the U.S”: May 17, 1792 at exactly 08:52 a.m. local Washington (then). For years I have used this horoscope (it was actually the moment of a conspiracy) and it has served me extremely well in following U.S. politics, Wall Street, and a few other things of interest to me.

    Suggest you give it a closer look as well. Was “good talking to you” (as you say in America). Best regards, Gian Paul

    P.S. Just saw in the news that Putin is offering “nuclear assistance” to the Iranians in response to Cheney’s probably not-very-appreciated comments down there in Georgia (the G. in the Caucasus, of course). Appears that he prefers some hard-liners in Washington. Must be more fun after all …

  12. Gian Paul — Welcome to Astrology Mundo. I love having an international readership. Thanks so much for your comments. I actually picked Inauguration Day because our last couple of elections haven’t ended on Election Day. There were legal challenges and close calls. I view Inauguration Day as more than a party. I see it more like the coronation of the king. I will definitely take a look at the true horoscope of the U.S. Where did you get it from? Is there a specific event? You see a “conspiracy.” (I cleaned up your English, a bit, something I do for a living.) Sorry to be so ignorant about U.S. history. Best, Monica

  13. Hi Monica. I made a mistake. What I thought was the true horoscope of the U.S. is actually the chart for the the founding moment of the New York Stock Exchange. Strangely (or not so surprising?) this horoscope has worked marvelously well for me as I have analyzed U.S. political and financial events for more than 20 years. And again for this election.

    Could be that this horoscope has more real-world significance than any other (which all have controversial dates)? In any case I managed to find the source of “the true Horoscope of the U.S.”

    For now (and worth reading): The True Horoscope of the U.S. is put forth as July 6, 1775 at 11:00 AM LMT in Philadelphia by author Helen M. Boyd in her book of the same name (Library of Congress 75-7188).

    Having regularly followed Reagan, Clinton, and less (boring) Bush, Neptune plays an enormous role in your country’s history. Look at where Neptune stands on Nov. 4 and in the horoscopes of Palin, Obama, and Putin.

    All the best,Gian Paul

  14. Gian Paul — You are a computer wizard. Even though you thought your message disappeared, it actually came twice. Thanks so much for the information about the true horoscope of the U.S. I will check it out. I’m a big follower of the chart for the founding of the New York Stock Exchange and have written about it on this blog under the headline “Under the Buttonwood Tree.” But I have always set the chart for New York, not Washington, as you indicated in your first note. (Perhaps that was an oversight. It’s easy to get confused with all the data we’ve got to keep track of! Best regards, Monica

  15. Monica, you are a phénomène! I am impressed by your prolific (but intelligent, very intelligent output!) Of course, the founding time for the New York Stock Exchange is in N.Y., according to my source (and tested over many years now) a book by Jack Gillen, (1979, Bear Publishers, San Antonio, Tex.). Excuse my indiscretion but it strikes me that you must have been born around January 13, 1960. Right or wrong or not permitted to ask?
    All the best,

  16. Gian Paul — You are very kind. I have a lot of Sagittarius in my chart, so I like to shoot from the hip and sometimes will argue a point just to get a little debate going on my blog. All points of view are welcome here. I’ve learned more from my readers in the past six months than I have from years of reading astrology books! I was born on Jan. 12, 1960 in Berlin at 11:47 p.m. I’m pretty open about my data. If someone wants to steal my identity, he (or she) can have it! — Monica Starr

  17. Monica, To be fair I have to give you my coordinates as well: Born April 15 1943, at 22:45 in Samedan, Switzerland. Pretty excentric as you will see. I even responded right now to your blog re Tesla, what a thing! Always accepted it as something “peculiar” in my life. Who knows, may be more common than I had thought.There is more “between Heaven and Earth than humans imagine,” as Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar. Cirio,

  18. Gian Paul — Thanks for your data. In terms of your question about Tesla (in another comment), my longtime astrology teacher Eileen McCabe used to talk about Uranian types whose “force field” is so strong that it knocks out small appliances. I’m glad to hear in your case that the disturbance only lasts a few days. Having to throw appliances away or get electronic devices constantly repaired can be quite costly and time-consuming. I haven’t looked at your chart, but when Uranus gets into Aries, we should see lots of energy breakthroughs and your life could become even more “electrical.” Best, Monica

  19. Gian ~ So why do you think these planetary placements favor McCain? Things standing on or square show problems, not advantages. Obama has much more going for him with the planets screaming “change” nothing about McCain proves he will change anything ! Obama has shown major honorable actions and McCain is a Keating 5 ! What does Obama’s chart show that proves he wont Win ? please enlighten me… ty

  20. I really enjoy mundane astrology and this site has been both informative and interesting. However, I would like to caution people against making personal statements about candidates that have nothing to do with chart analysis. Such statements open the door to heated, angry debate that this just isn’t the place for.

    Everything else is already so partisan and polarized right now, can’t we keep astrology neutral and informative?

  21. Heather — Thanks for reading this blog and for taking the time to write. I edited your comment a little. I hope you don’t mind.

    In terms of politics, you can see I’m all over the map. It’s a big drama to me and I like using astrology to analyze the actors. Sometimes I may seem blithe, but I think my detachment is a way of protecting myself from the shrillness out there. I agree with you, though about trying to keep astrology from being polarized.

    I don’t think any of us can be neutral, though. As I say in my “About” post, I believe we’re all “talking” our chart. Best, Monica

  22. Gian Paul and Monica,

    Ok this sounds really out there but here goes! I was checking the political blogs tonight and ran into this thread!

    What do you know about this and could this be the undoing of the Obama presidency? I have no idea if this is for real or not. I realize there are malicious sites out there. I can’t tell if this is legitimate. I haven’t ascertained what if anything this reported taped conversation will reveal. I read here Sen. Obama has a live birth certificate only???? What gives me pause… Why would Michelle Obama take a chance and call this organization? Do they truly have information or are they merely speculating and thus giving her cause to call and try and stop it? hmmm????

    Gian Paul, I believe you said “things” were begining to “unravel” in Sen. Obama’s chart and possibly Resko was that figure. Please let me know what you think about this developement and its credibility. I hope you will both get to check this story and comment.

    P.S. The last thing I remember reading was the speculation of Sen. McCain possibly being disqualified for not being a documented citizen even though both parents are American citizens and having served in the military from the young age of 17. Sen. McCain’s birth on a military base near the Panama Canal and not getting a timely birth certificate made it an issue, right?

    Thanks, Pamela

  23. Pamela — The idea that Michelle Obama called an obscure African news Web site based in the Netherlands is laughable. The woman is a Capricorn. What do Caps care about? Status and achievement, often to the exclusion of everything else.

    If Michelle was going to rant against racist Internet bloggers, I’m sure she’d set up an interview with Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, or Tom Brokaw, the top people in the media business. Even if Brokaw is quasi-retired, he has stature, which is what I believe Obama would seek to associate herself with. In addition to a Capricorn Sun, she’s got Mercury in Capricorn, so she’s only going to speak with people in power.

    What’s even funnier is the idea that she promised representatives of this obscure site a ticket to the Inauguration. Perhaps someone posing as Michelle Obama called these folks up and they fell for it.

    Mars is currently six degrees away from Michelle Obama’s Neptune, which is at 17 degrees of Scorpio. My experience is that you can feel Mars even at 10 degrees away. Meanwhile, the transiting stellium in Aquarius is squaring this. This is a cyberattack.
    — Monica

  24. Monica,

    I am a lover of astrology. I KNOW it works in our world. People can be very dismissive of this scientific knowledge which has been used through out the history of man. I was once told I should never reveal this to others as it sets me up to attack. I am interested in the mystical. I find it extremely normal. I am also a Capricorn! Yep I am. Ok that said, I have to admit I have no real understanding of transits. When anything is explained by transits, it means nothing to me. So … you are saying because of the transit of mars 6 degrees from neptune it signifies a cyber attack? Does it suggest also whether it is legit or or not? Or it just sets up the conditions allowing this to happen? Will this become tighter or more intense as the campaign goes on or is this going to sit here throughout the duration?

    Do you have any suggestions on books for learning about transits?

    Thanks so much! Pamela

    also different different types of charts. vedic vs. others? what is the best way to look at up coming events? does it matter to you?

  25. Pamela — I’m saying because Mars is approaching Michelle Obama’s Neptune in Scorpio, which in turned is being squared by a stellium of Neptune, North Node, and Chiron and Aquarius, that she is the victim of a cyberattack. My first and favorite book about transits is Betty Lundsted’s Transits: The Time of Your Life. — Monica

  26. Greetings Cappy Gal!

    I ordered the book online after reading your reply. I can hardly wait to get this book to help me understand what everybody is talking about.
    Also, I read where you began your journey in the 1970’s reading Linda Goodman’s book. I probably began my trip a few years after you probably around ’76 for me. Interestingly she has influenced a generation of astrological interest. That is so cool girl.
    What was going on in your chart/life to signify you were undertaking this blog about your views and astrology? Saturn return?

    Blessings Cappy Girl, Pamela

    P.S. Where is Gian Paul these days? Come back……………

  27. Pamela — I started my blog in March when Jupiter was close to a conjunction with my Sun while it was also sextiling Uranus in Pisces. It was an impulsive decision.

    Regarding Gian Paul, he and I have had a difference of opinion regarding the allegations that Michelle Obama spoke to a third-rate Web site called African Press International, or API. I think the whole thing is a hoax, especially because Michelle is a status-oriented Capricorn who insists on dealing with top people. Gian Paul begs to differ.

    As I say in my About section, I don’t claim to be objective. My beliefs are informed by my chart. Perhaps the fact that I’m a fellow Capricorn is making me sensitive to the Michelle-bashing.

    Gian Paul has written some fascinating posts explaining why he thinks that John McCain and Sarah Palin will be our next team in Washington based on astrological indicators. And I’ve taken a lot of ribbing from my friends for trying to give Palin what I believe is a fair shake.

    However, I’m not going to approve comments that seem dedicated to advancing a certain agenda, left or right. In my view, this crosses the line from astrological inquiry to partisanship. I can provide you with Gian Paul’s private e-mail if you’d like.

    With luck, he’ll be back with some future posts. — Monica

  28. Monica-
    Its truly a shame you didn’t approve Gian Paul’s comment. He has a unique and well thought out reasoning. I feel he is beyond partisanship. That is what I value in his comment. He stated he has no stake in the election and speaks to what he sees in the chart. I believe this to be true and therefore NOT partisan. You just may not agree with it.

    As far as this Michelle Obama issue, it will all be settled one way or another, should this go further in the media. Its already out there! Besides it is all beyond anyone here, the powers that be will decide how this plays out on the world stage. You know if its all hooey that will be proved openly without censorship. Shining light on anything is a good thing. We won’t know until that happens. Be unafraid to let this play out.

    Capricorns are tough as nails and I am sure you can stand up to whatever criticism your friends can dish out. Besides when does that libra rising in your chart kick in? Fairness and balance is important in any discussion. We are all seeking an honest intrepretation of the stars not a partisan version of it. Please reconsider allowing his comment to stand.

    As far as giving me Gian Paul’s private email, I’ll accept that. I think it might be more appropriate if you give him mine and he can decide if he wants to communicate on a more personal level to share his views.


  29. Pamela — I may be a Libra rising, but I’ve got Moon in Cancer at the Midheaven. I’m a great believer in following my gut. If something doesn’t feel right, I don’t do it. That may not be the best way to move ahead in life, but it’s my modus operandi. I’ve sent you and Gian Paul each others’ e-mail addresses so you can continue your dialogue privately. Best, Monica

  30. Monica, I am a novice in this blogging business, on top of it, e-mail is not working properly here in Brazil. I cannot understand how Pamela’s e-mail functions so far. Better she drops me a line, I will then duly respond.

    Anyone needing some consolation that O. will win the elections: Our President-cum-sheik-and-now oracle has spoken: Obama will be your next President. The reason our beloved Brazilian leader gave: Americans suffer every day more from intolerable social injustices. Says President Lula: ” Obama is the same type of promise I represent for Brazil.”

    When questioned about his optimism that Brazil is immune to the present world financial troubles, his response was: “if you have to visit a parent, terminally ill in the hospital, and you know what the doctors are saying, do you tell him that you know as well? Or is it worth it to wait and see if what the physicians say is really true?” That’s why the guy survives: He’s Teflon-protected. — GP

  31. Keeping with Gian Paul’s astrological predictions about McCain-Palin winning, Obama’s own polls show him losing Pennsylvania! Many are saying this “white, middle class, Hillary and Reagan democrats state” might go for McCain!

  32. Gian Paul….? huh Have you changed your prediction? I am trying to figure out if your being humorous or realistic? I do believe that Obama will win, especially since the huge outpouring of voters in the past few days in states that have early voting ! The fact that he is a constitutional lawyer, and that profession is ruled by saturn, makes me feel that your prediction was only off cuz you thought McCain was the saturn. I feel most strongly that over the past few months the behaviors of the candidates has shown me unequivocally that the saturn person is Obama, he shows intelligence, respect and steadiness. McCain shows insolence, anger and immaturity, absolutely nothing close to saturnine. I seem to recall progressed charts and putting charts on top of the country chart for reading also. The saturn return for McCain is his comeuppance and not ascending to the White House ~

  33. Kimberly – Huh, huh. Is wisdom or luck on your side? Leaving others dig out the hot potatoes and then come in laughing…

    If only those GOP advisers who pushed Palin had prevailed in the first place, about a year ago: They then “wanted Jack Nicholson for Potus”.
    Things would have been more fun all the way! Ciao, GP

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