Blogging Can Save Your Life

In light of my previous post quoting suicide rates and decrying the dangerous American dependency on material things, I was interested to read this story on about how more folks are finding emotional support during difficult times by blogging.

Here’s the link:

So rather than bragging about the rising value of our assets at cocktail parties, the way we did during the fat times, we’ll be publicly licking our wounds about our losses online. I’m cool with that.

I just opened a statement for my husband’s IRA, the Fidelity Freedom 2015. That’s one of those no-brainer accounts that they advertise on TV. It’s designed for baby boomers who don’t want to worry about managing their retirement accounts. Well, the account is DECLINING in value.

My husband and I have got nebulous Neptune in the second house of resources in our composite chart. Translation: Money dissolves.

But it’s a sunny day here in Palm Springs so I’m going to log off and lie by the pool. Life is good: My blog traffic is way up in the last week. We just can’t resist keeping score, can we?


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