Denis of Cork Came through for Me at the Derby

Clearly, I have a lot to learn about picking winners of horse races. Of my box trifecta forecast for the Kentucky Derby, only one of the horses delivered — Denis of Cork came in third.

Long shot Denis of Cork was ridden by Calvin Borel, who won last year’s Kentucky Derby with Street Sense. As you’ll see from my post “Astrology and the Kentucky Derby” (May 2), I like Borel’s transits over the next few days. He’s got the New Moon in Taurus conjuncting his natal North Node. Even if he didn’t win the Derby this year, he’s on the right track. Maybe he’s finally marrying girlfriend Lisa Funk.

My predictions of glory seemed to coincide more with post positions than with actual finishes in the race. (I did my analysis before reading about post positions.) Cool Coal Man wasn’t the winner of the race, but he was in the No. 1 post. Likewise, Tale of Ekati was No. 2.

One of the things I found troublesome about the transits to the charts of the jockeys, including Kent Desormeaux, who led favorite Big Brown to victory from the outside, was yesterday’s Neptune/Node in Aquarius conjunction. To me, that spelled disappointment.

Well, disappointment did occur for everyone who participated and watched the Derby as the filly Eight Belles had to be instantly euthanized when she collapsed after placing second. Spectactors who saw Desormeaux after the race said he didn’t look like someone who had just won the Derby. Wire service reports said he looked “solemn.”

There was a mixture of joy and sorrow in the air following the Derby yesterday, as word spread through the crowd about the fate of Eight Belles. The folks watching TV knew immediately what had happened, but there was no announcement in the stands at Churchill Downs. Here’s what the AP had to say:

Here’s the chart for the 2008 Kentucky Derby, courtesy of Astrodienst:

You can see the Chiron, Neptune, and North Node in Aquarius in the fifth house, which rules horse racing. Neptune can be suffering, the Node involves the public, and Chiron is the wounded healer. The stellium is being squared by the Sun in Taurus in the eighth house of death and other peoples’ money. There was definitely a lot of money at stake yesterday.

This was a collective event that saw a horse breaking her ankles to win a race and then having to be put down. I think the chart reflects that.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20 vision, but as a student of the stars, I’m looking for symbolism, not 100% results. Of course, it’s nice to be right. It’s too bad I didn’t put $10 on Denis of Cork to show. That bet would have yielded $116.00.

I hear the revelers at Gastriques’ annual Kentucky Derby party were consulting my astro tip sheet. Glad to know I was there in spirit!

4 comments on “Denis of Cork Came through for Me at the Derby

  1. Hi,
    I do an astrology column, too, and just found these 2 entries by chance. I like the races too so if I can give you a couple pointers or thoughts to chew on?
    One is about Neptune. Neptune rules horses (and other large animals) so don’t get thrown by aspects to Neptune — they are not all bad news!
    Also the 8th House with any sporting or gambling event is the pool — the combined resources from which the bets are paid.
    From experience I can say that Mars and Jupiter are the most important transiting planets in the chart of a sporting event or the horse. They give the horse more energy plus luck in Jupiter’s case — and every race winner needs some luck to overcome a slew of possible bad breaks in the Kentucky Derby especially. Also the Sun, and aspects between the transiting Mars or Moon to the horses Moon and Mars, respectively.
    As for jockeys — just getting into the Derby is a big career break for a first-timer.
    I don’t have any articles on the horses or racing (not yet anyway) but here is my URL so visit sometime, OK?

  2. Thanks for the tips. I will check out your Web site. I’ve never thought of Neptune ruling horses. Always thought it was Jupiter. I really appreciate the feedback. See you at Churchill Downs!

  3. thanks for the information. i am also trying to get information about this thing. but now this blog is end for me. i got complete information. thanks for everything.

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