Jenna Bush’s Texas, Taurus Wedding

Remember how Don Regan made Nancy Reagan look like a nut for consulting astrologer Joan Quigley? (No surprise about Nancy’s secret adviser. Lots of Hollywood types rely on astrologers. Lest we forget, the former First Lady was the actress Nancy Davis in a previous life.) 

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the Bushes have their own cosmos consultant. The wedding chart for the nuptials of First Daughter Jenna Bush and Henry Hager, a former aide to Karl Rove, looks dang purty, if you ask me. So purty an astrologer might have had a hand in it.

The practice of selecting a time for a specific event based on the stars is known as “electional” astrology, and it’s not easy. I know from experience. I picked a time for my first wedding and the chart looked pretty good. But then a heat wave occurred. As the mercury (not the planet) moved past 100 degrees, we decided to move the wedding from a park into the inn where the reception was scheduled, thus delaying the ceremony by an hour and a half. That produced a chart with a jealous Moon in Scorpio in the twelfth house of secrets. When that Moon progressed to hit natal Pluto in the first house, you can guess what happened. And it wasn’t pretty.

I have a feeling things are going to work out much better for Bush and Hager, who are getting married on May 10 at 7:30 p.m. at President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Tex. Here’s the chart, courtesy of Astrodienst.

Like my first wedding chart, this one has a Scorpio rising, making Pluto the ruler of the chart. In the case of the Bush-Hager nuptials, I read this as a union that creates a “power (Pluto) couple.” The Scorpio rising is also consistent with the fact that this is a private wedding being held away from the glare of the media, and that security was obviously a factor in choosing the venue. 

The wedding chart has got Venus, which rules love and beauty, in earthy Taurus on the descendant in a wide conjunction with the Sun, which is solidly in the seventh house. What a beautiful placement for a wedding chart! In the chart of a person or an event, the seventh house rules relationships. The people coming into Jenna and Henry’s life will undoubtedly bring them good fortune.  

And the Taurus twosome is trining Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in practical Capricorn. Interesting with this earth sign emphasis that the ceremony is on a ranch (I know, it’s not a REAL ranch, but it’s a pastoral setting, nonetheless). It’s a perfect backdrop for a Taurus wedding.

Pluto, the chart ruler, is on the world axis at 0 degrees of Capricorn in the second house of resources, trine Saturn in service-oriented Virgo in the tenth house of career. I don’t know much about Hager’s family, but it seems to me the happy couple is going to be blessed with abundant resources.

There was a fair amount of speculation, some of it partisan, that this is a shotgun wedding. The engagement was announced Aug. 15, 2007, so the math doesn’t really add up on that one, unless the bride is going to be wearing an empire-waisted dress. 

Still, the wedding chart has surprising Uranus in Pisces, in the fifth house of children and fun, sextiling Jupiter, so there could be some sudden announcements about offspring. Also, there’s a Moon/Mars conjunction in Leo, which can symbolize childbirth, in the ninth house. A baby could be coming along quite soon.

Of course, Moon/Mars in Leo could be some conflict (Mars) about Jenna’s (Moon) love of parties (Leo), and it’s broadly square, suggesting tension, with the Sun/Venus in Taurus.

Neptune (the mystic or the addict), the North Node (groups and the public), and Chiron (the wounded healer) form a stellium in Aquarius, at the base of the chart. This Aquarius group squares the Sun in Taurus, and broadly opposes the Moon/Mars in Leo, forming a T-square in fixed signs.

There’s plenty of illusion here, no question about it. I don’t know anything about Jenna’s personal life, other than what I read in the papers, but this lineup also holds the possibility of healing addiction issues, perhaps through a 12-step program. Of course, I don’t think this is going to happen at the wedding!

Certainly, Jenna’s drinking has appeared to be more than a youthful fancy. Given the family genes, it’s possible she’s an alcoholic. One sincerely hopes that the earth planets in this wedding chart will give her the grounding she needs.

For those of you who smell the continuation of the Bush political dynasty along with all those Texas wildflowers in bloom, I  think you’re right. After all, Hager’s father is chairman of the Virginia Republican Party, and it’s likely that the groom will pursue political office at some point. Certainly, marrying into the Bush family can’t be bad for someone with political aspirations, despite the mistakes and misadventures of the second Bush Administration. (Bush I wasn’t that great, but it looks like a golden age in comparison to Bush II.)

Remember, the American public has a very short memory. You get a couple of Democrats in the White House and a whole new set of problems and folks may forget the GWB follies. We don’t know what’s coming down the pike. I don’t see Hager as president, but he certainly could serve in Congress or function as part of the Beltway lobbying cartel.

Interesting that the publicity about the wedding coincided with the release of a children’s book that Jenna has written with her mom, Laura Bush. With all the earth in this wedding chart, this marriage is about mixing business with pleasure. 

5 comments on “Jenna Bush’s Texas, Taurus Wedding

  1. Thanks for this analysis of the Jenna Bush wedding. Very interesting! I just did a wedding chart for a client, and had to go through several tries before I could get one even close to being this pretty.

    I have to agree, the Republicans seem to have a bit of a thing for astrologers:)

  2. Fern — Thanks for writing. It’s great to have practitioners who understand the tools of the trade reading my stuff. It really makes me feel as if I’m part of a community, even if it exists in cyberspace. — Monica

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