On the Couch with Gabriel Byrne

Today is Ellen Barkin’s birthday.  As a woman, that gets me thinking about one thing — Barkin’s ex-husband. No, not Ron Perelman; Gabriel Byrne! When I lived on West 70th Street in Manhattan during the Nineties, I was told that Byrne also lived on the street. I can’t confirm that, but I did see him around the ‘hood a few times. He looked pretty good, though a little sad.

Maybe he never lived on 70th Street. Maybe he was just visiting Jann Wenner, who really does live on the street where Goldman and Sachs built brownstones next to each other at the turn of the century.

Even before I knew it was Barkin’s birthday, I had made a note to myself to look into the sudden sensation of Byrne’s HBO nightly TV series In Treatment. What alignment of the stars suddenly put Byrne on TV with five shows a week at the age of 57 in land of youth worship?

I can’t tell you how many actors ask me when their careers will catch on fire again. I think the search for that elusive answer is the reason why astrology  is accepted in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Wall Streeters consider anybody nuts if their interest in the stars goes beyond reading Sally Brompton’s column in The Post. 

I’ve been without a TV since Jan. 28, the very day that Byrne’s new series In Treatment hit the airwaves, so I haven’t actually seen the show. It’s based on an Israeli series and follows analyst Paul Weston through four sessions with his patients — Laura, Alex, Sophie, and married couple Jake and Amy — before wrapping up the week with Paul’s session with his shrink Gina.

I think I’ve discovered what propeled Byrne into people’s living rooms five nights a week for nine weeks. He’s got Uranus at 2 degrees of Cancer and his show debuted just three days after Pluto moved into Capricorn, opposing that Uranus. Even though the opposition isn’t exact to the degree, Pluto’s change of signs sparked a surprising surge in Byrne’s popularity.

Uranus is said to rule TV and Pluto governs psychology and the unconscious. I hope that Byrne, born under the financially savvy sign of Taurus, is making big bucks from In Treatment. From the credits on HBO’s Web site, he doesn’t appear to be a producer and therefore entitled to a piece of the action. That’s too bad, because I like to see artists actually make real money off their work.

In addition to being an actor best known for The Usual Suspects, Byrne is a writer and producer. His producing credits include In the Name of the Father, which starred Daniel Day-Lewis as Gerry Conlon, who was wrongly imprisoned for an IRA bombing.

Byrne was born May 12, 1950 in Dublin, according to the Wiki. I couldn’t find a published time of birth for him. Here’s Byrne’s chart set for noon, courtesy of Astrodienst:


I’m sad to report that there might not be a second season for In Treatment. Evidently, not everyone was able to clear her schedule to catch the show every night. Here’s a Daily News story about the dim prospects for more Treatment: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/2008/03/26/2008-03-26_in_treatment_stands_up_to_close_analysis.html

I wish I could say definitively that Treatment will return. But Byrne has a lot going on in his chart come early September. He’s having his Saturn return in Virgo. Now, Saturn returns aren’t usually a lot of fun, but Jupiter goes direct at 12 degrees of Capricorn on Sept. 7, trining Byrne’s Saturn, giving him a lift. Pluto, which will have retrograded back into Sagittarius by then, turns direct at 28 degrees of Sag the next day, the day the trine between Jupiter and Saturn is exact. Meanwhile, Uranus in Pisces is opposing Byrne’s Mars in Virgo, an accident-prone aspect that could also lead to surprises (Uranus) about work (Mars.)

The transiting Pluto at zero degrees of Capricorn aspect that I believe brought In Treatment to TV is repeated again on Nov. 27. So there’s a strong chance that another nine weeks might begin to air around that time.

Here’s my bottom line: Even if HBO doesn’t renew the series, I don’t think Paul Weston is dead. There could be Webisodes, a film, or a some other kind of media deal. The Uranus/Mars aspect is revolutionary, a breakthrough, if not a break with, work No matter what happens, Byrne’s future is secure. In Treatment has developed a cult following. Fans will line up to see Byrne in his next big project, whatever it is.

If you want to read more about Byrne, here’s an interesting interview with him in The Los Angeles Times: http://www.latimes.com/features/health/la-et-byrne21mar21,1,7564390.story

By the way, it’s also Pope Benedict’s birthday and he’s celebrating at the White House. I figure the mainstream media has got that one covered. I will note that many people, not always famous, find themselves in the news around the time of their birthday, when the Sun returns to the place it was when they were born.

Of course, when I read the paper I’m looking for confirmation of this theory and seem to find it. Books come out, CDs are released, competitions are won on or around someone’s birthday. However, for the statisticians out there, I have not done a long-term study.

Philosophy was never my strong point with my loaded third house of superficiality so I don’t want to delve too deeply into this. But suffice it to say that I don’t believe it’s a  cause-and-effect thing. Perhaps people consciously are making the decision to take action on their birthday.


2 comments on “On the Couch with Gabriel Byrne

  1. Oh my gosh! I have had suuch a crush on Gabriel Bryne for years. I didn’t realize he was a fellow Taurus. Something about the sadness in the eyes, craggy features and heaven help me when he talks with his Irish accent. Sigh. Thanks for the post.

  2. Beth — Glad you enjoyed the post! Byrne’s Mars in Virgo trines his Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus so his ability to communicate (Mercury) is quite forceful (Mars). I think the sadness he exudes comes from Venus in Aries (which was basically conjunct Ellen Barkin’s Sun) opposing Neptune in Libra. His idea of love is so refined that he’s bound to be disappointed by reality or deceived by someone he loves. Of course, I don’t know what happened in his marriage. I’m merely reading the chart.– Monica

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