Tiger Settles for Second Best

My prediction that Tiger Woods would achieve a Grand Slam by winning four key golf tournaments in the same year has missed the mark. Tiger came in second place at the Masters, which wrapped up Apr. 14 in Augusta, Ga. The green jacket went to the first-place winner, South African Trevor Immelman.

I haven’t done Immelman’s chart, but he must have a well-aspected Moon, as his wife Carminita is getting lots of publicity on the Net, according to Google Trends (http://google.com/trends/hottrends?sa=X).

Feeling confident after my winning forecast that Kansas would take home the NCAA championship title, I predicted that Tiger would have a record-breaking year, thanks to the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn. Obviously, there’s a transit making aspects with his natal chart that has more mojo than Jupiter (Saturn in Virgo, perhaps). I’ll study the chart more and revisit the issue. Meanwhile, I hope nobody lost money on this prediction!


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