Viva Cesar Chavez!

Long before Illinois Senator Barack Obama adopted “Yes, we can” as the slogan for his Presidential campaign, someone else said it first — in Spanish. “Si, se puede” is the motto of the United Farm Workers. According to the Wiki,  Cesar Chavez and UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta coined “Si, se puede” in 1972, during a 25-day fast by Chavez in Phoenix.

Mar. 31 was Cesar Chavez day in California and in seven other states, including Arizona, where Chavez was born on Mar. 31, 1927. The time of birth is unknown so we’ll follow tradition this time and set the chart for noon:

Today’s Desert Sun in Palm Springs reminds readers that the Coachella Valley played an important role in Chavez’s efforts to unionize migrant farm workers. Coachella was where the first table grape contract for the UFW was signed in 1970. 

Why the attention to Chavez now? This year’s Saturn/Uranus opposition in Virgo/Pisces, which will be exact on Election Day, brings back some of the revolutionary energy of 1968. Forty years ago, when Chavez ended a 25-day fast  to draw attention to la causa on Easter, he was joined by Senator Robert F. Kennedy and hailed as “one of the heroic figures of our time.”

There’s a movement to make Chavez’s birthday a national holiday. You can sign the petition here:


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