Mars in Cancer — Whaa!

Maybe today’s full moon at 1 degree of Libra is stirring up the pot (it is squaring Pluto, for heaven’s sakes), but boy are people cranky out there! I noted this trend at the end of last year when Mars went into Cancer. I foolishly hoped we would be spared another go-around in the nursery after the retrograde back into Gemini because this transit is forward motion all the way. Scratch that theory. The whining is back.

Whaa! That’s the collective cry of 300 million Cancer babies who just saw the 4’s coming out at the local gas station. In California, the 4s are here, for diesel. We’re still on the 3s for unleaded, but for how long? I’ve watched the Valero around the corner from us go from $2.99 to $3.53 since Feb. 1.

In the U.S., gas prices are up 70% from a year ago and diesel prices are up 129%. Don’t believe me? Check out this site, courtesy of the Dept. of Energy:

Note to self: Don’t pull out in front of trucks coming out of the gas station. Could get mowed down by irate trucker.


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