Happy New Year!

As a Capricorn with Saturn at 10 degrees of Cap, I’ve never been particularly happy on New Year’s, when the Sun is sitting on my Saturn. The stroke of midnight on Dec. 31 usually finds me buried under a down comforter, either sleeping or fending off the flu. Perhaps that’s why I’m so willing to embrace the Spring Equinox, or 0 degrees of Aries, as the “real” New Year. That’s when I feel like kicking up my heels.

Ah, but this blog is called Astrology Mundo, not Astrology Monica. So let’s look at what this year’s Spring Equinox chart indicates for the U.S. during the next six months (until the fall equinox chart takes effect). It’s set for 1:49 a.m. EDT on Mar. 20 in Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital. If you want to look at the chart and check out Barbara Hand Clow’s Web site, you’ll find it here: http://www.handclow2012.com/springequinox.htm

The chart has an optimistic Sagittarius rising, with chart ruler Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn, sitting in the second house of resources and earned income. Think of Jupiter as a big fat guy. He’s probably dressed in a pin-striped suit since he’s in Cap this year.

Everything isn’t exactly hunky-dory, though. Uranus in Pisces in the third house of media and communications squares the Sag ascendant, which suggests the potential for upsetting news. Nevertheless, I suspect those talking heads on TV will tell us that everything is going to be O.K. Uncle Ben Bernanke has it under control at the Federal Reserve Board. Those income-tax rebates will be in mailboxes before you know it and the interest-rate cuts will put a little life into the housing market or at the very least, Weber grill sales. Nobody in the Bush Administration wants the bottom to fall out before the election, and it’s within the government’s power right now to postpone the day of reckoning.

I think the sextile between Jupiter and Uranus gives the green light for mega-mergers in the Internet “space,” to use the jargon of Wall Street. If Yahoo! doesn’t get acquired by Microsoft, it will merge with another big company (News Corp.?)  in the next six months. Google’s got plenty of money; it’s not going to sit by and get outgoogled, so it may make some moves of its own.

That’s the good news. The bad news in this chart is a nasty cardinal T-square created by Pluto in Cap in the first house opposing Mars in Cancer in the seventh house of open enemies, both square the Sun at 0 degrees of Aries in the latter part of the third house. I think the war in Iraq and the one in Afghanistan that everybody forgot about until Prince Harry turned up there are going to both take a turn for the worse.

To me, Mars/Pluto/Sun is a fight for your life and superhuman efforts. As a nation, we’ve got to win the war against terrorism; our national identity and those of our leaders are wrapped up in the idea. I would bet on some kind of escalation under the guise of (what else?) national security since the Sun is close to the fourth-house cusp.

The other big feature of this chart is the Moon/Saturn conjunction in worrywart Virgo in the Ninth House opposing the three planets in go-with-the-flow Pisces in the third — Uranus, Venus, and Mercury. The depressing Moon/Saturn conjunction is too early in Virgo to pick up the good vibes of Jupiter in Cap. I think this picture could signify a legal decision (the ninth house rules law and courts) involving health-care or the purity of food. Perhaps Justice is going to take off her blindfold and notice the 47 million Americans and counting who don’t have health insurance. At the very least, I see government tightening the screws on the medical industry to curb some abuses.

On another front, since the Moon/Saturn conjunction is in Virgo, the sign of work, I think the unemployment picture will continue to get worse as outsourcing accelerates. We might see better unemployment benefits, though, and calls for government-backed retraining programs.

I wish I could be more sanguine about reproductive rights — Saturn/Moon in Virgo could mean the courts make it harder to get the morning-after pill or issue a ruling against abortion. Because this aspect is opposed by Venus/Mercury in Pisces in the third house, I suspect the media will try to put the best face on whatever happens. Quarantine? What a great opportunity to reconnect with the family and watch old movies!

And with that Venus/Merc in Pisces, the sign of self-deception, sextiling Pluto and trining Mars, we can be sure that our latest military adventure is going to be broadcast with a rosy glow.

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